Cozy At-Home Boston Couples Photography Session

Boston Couples Photo Session

Boston Couples Photography Session

When I was contacted by this oh-so-adorable pair to shoot an indoor couples session, I was beyond thrilled. First of all, how perfect are these two? Second, as at-home sessions seem to be popping up everywhere, I was excited to shoot one of my own.

This Boston couples photography session was full of gorgeous natural light (just look at those windows!) and a ton of endearing moments complete with kisses, caresses, and twirls. This is precisely why at-home sessions are so special. They allow couples to feel truly comfortable with one another–and it always shows! As a photographer, I’m always so honored when clients let me into their personal space. Capturing the magic between two people and having them feel completely relaxed and present are my top priorities. Read more about this couple’s experience and see more from their shoot below!

“Thank you so much for capturing us and it’s exactly what I wanted! I appreciate your work and your time at the shoot, before and after!”

Couples Photography Sessions

Your wedding day isn’t the only opportunity to take photos with your loved one. Case in point: though I of course adore my wedding photos, I do personally wish I had more images to look back on during all the different stages of my relationship. It’s important to celebrate everyday moments with your significant other. So if you have the chance to commemorate these special times, take it!

At-Home Photography Sessions

At-home photography sessions are quite popular these days–and rightfully so. What’s better than capturing memories in the comfort of your own home? If you want authentic, intimate photos bursting at the seams with cuddles and kisses, then consider an at-home couples session!

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